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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gas tiki torches

The gas tiki torches are what is the most useful thing that is out there when you compare it to the other ones which are available and these are the oil based ones.

I have heard horror stories about how the someone had a oil based tiki torches and how the oil spill happened and the deck or the backyard tiki hut caught fire.

This is the reason that I would recommend the gas based tiki torches. There are again two or three types of torches that are available and these are the propane based tiki torches and the natural gas tiki torches.

The outer material can be anything ranging from the bamboo tiki torches to copper, brass or stainless steel tiki torches. Most likely the copper and the brass ones are more probable ones to be used with this kind of gas based tiki torches.

As far as safety of gas tiki torches is concerned it is always in the best interest of everyone as to switch them off when you are done with the partying and everything as opposed to leave it unattended.

Shut off the supply from the propane or the natural gas tank as and when you are done with the requirement for the tiki torches.

The other important thing is the maintenance of these tiki torches and it helps to have the tiki torches cleaned off any debris and carbon deposits. Also make sure that you have the supply line absolutely clear else it can be hazardous.

Apart form the maintenance aspect of these torches I believe they are very much the best thing that can happen to the outdoor lighting and the having that fine Hawaiian experience recreated in your backyard and the patio.

You can have small propane canisters or a regular tank which can be used for the supply of gas.


These burn with a steady flame and that special effect that a normal oil based burning wick will give which is so close to the old style torches is missing. So think of the ambience that you are going to create before settling on the gas based or the oil based tiki torches.